Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sensory Problems

Sensory Problems is having someone who been diagnosed with sensory issues like they don't want to see higher heights etc. It's been possible to touch different things and also wear the same clothes. 

This the common signs of Sensory Processing Problems 

Out-of-proportion reactions to touch, sounds, sights, movement, tastes, or smells, including:

Bothered by clothing fabrics, labels, tags, etc.
Distressed by light touch or unexpected touch
Dislikes getting messy
Resists grooming activities
Very sensitive to sounds (volume or frequency)
Squints, blinks, or rubs eyes frequently
Bothered by lights or patterns
High activity level or very sedentary
Unusually high or low pain threshold

That's what people think that they being odd NO they are  not odd it's the part of their conditions.

It's a Timetable.
 Here is a link to get a timetable.

Motor skill and body awareness difficulties, including:

Fine motor delays (e.g., crayons, buttons/snaps, beading, scissors)
Gross motor delays (e.g., walking, running, climbing stairs, catching a ball )
Illegible handwriting
Moves awkwardly or seems clumsy
Low or high muscle tone
Oral motor and feeding problems, including:

Oral hypersensitivity
Frequent drooling or gagging
“Picky eating”
Speech and language delays

This is about SPD and it to get people to understanding about more often.

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This is a parent who is got a son who has been diagnosed in 2005 with SPD. He is really looking for help to him and he's son

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