Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sensory Problems

Sensory Problems is having someone who been diagnosed with sensory issues like they don't want to see higher heights etc. It's been possible to touch different things and also wear the same clothes. 

This the common signs of Sensory Processing Problems 

Out-of-proportion reactions to touch, sounds, sights, movement, tastes, or smells, including:

Bothered by clothing fabrics, labels, tags, etc.
Distressed by light touch or unexpected touch
Dislikes getting messy
Resists grooming activities
Very sensitive to sounds (volume or frequency)
Squints, blinks, or rubs eyes frequently
Bothered by lights or patterns
High activity level or very sedentary
Unusually high or low pain threshold

That's what people think that they being odd NO they are  not odd it's the part of their conditions.

It's a Timetable.
 Here is a link to get a timetable.

Motor skill and body awareness difficulties, including:

Fine motor delays (e.g., crayons, buttons/snaps, beading, scissors)
Gross motor delays (e.g., walking, running, climbing stairs, catching a ball )
Illegible handwriting
Moves awkwardly or seems clumsy
Low or high muscle tone
Oral motor and feeding problems, including:

Oral hypersensitivity
Frequent drooling or gagging
“Picky eating”
Speech and language delays

This is about SPD and it to get people to understanding about more often.

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This is a parent who is got a son who has been diagnosed in 2005 with SPD. He is really looking for help to him and he's son

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

It's all about ADHD!

What is ADHD stand for?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Their is meds for keeping them calm down.

Sometimes they lose insert on things or they don't listen the class and they will get told off in a lesson!

I am going to put on some YouTube video

It's to get everyone to understand about every condition what I am going to put on the blog 

I might found some facts about the conditions

This is all about ADHD for them to understand what it mean for.

This is about ADHD in adult what has been diagnosed 
with the conditions and they didn't know about it.

More about the ADHD and they diagnosed with the conditions.

These are the YouTube links about ADHD

I will more about other conditions.

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Friday, 2 November 2012

This is about me and my autism/anxiety attacks

I am a person has autism and it has been really hard to make new friends the school has been helping me out to make my friendship a whole lot better is has been up and down with friends but it's has been good over the years. Sometimes I don't get my way and then I start having a meltdown I start to get to be violence with other people or they wind me up. I have changes like a totally different person so of my mate say to me I have making new friends and been getting a whole lot better in the school. I have share feelings with the staff telling them how I am feelings and I talk to someone because I have been having problem to do with the past. Last Summer Holiday I have been diagnosed with Anxiety Attacks because I was really overload with stressed/anxiety attacks. 

I like to go on social network (Facebook) the group what I made called "Autism and other problems." I have been talking about myself and the condition what I have been diagnosed with. I have autistic spectrum condition or disorder (ASC/D) and now I also have anxiety attacks and I have to carry around a spray with me just in case if I have episode of a anxiety attacks I feel my heart beating fast! 

I love dancing (street dance), walking, football, running, jogging, hang around with my mates, drums, computers, iPod, iPhone, iPad, I really love cats and also the puppy.

I am on YouTube please put me into search:- JenniferWorldCup2010 it's will come up with Jenny Penny 21

I went to Lourdes myself with the HCPT it's when they take special needs people over to France for 1 weeks without their parents with them they do have one to one support with them all the time and they share bedroom with them

My favorite band are Noah And The Whale, Dappy, Tulisa, Fazer and others.

I really love doing my handwriting.

My favorite colour is purple I like everything to do with purple init.

I have a route in the morning things to do if people get into my own route step in I don't really like it because it going to upset me.

I am volunteer I help young children with special needs to get understanding with the children who I have working around with and meet new people who I am working with.

I am trying to get some where to volunteer to help children with special needs. I really do like helping people or children with a special needs they know their is helping hand.

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This is about a boy who has autism and a game what he really insert in. Their he friends but in model not in real life and their is a lot of rules in this game.

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These YouTube videos about autism and what is autism about.

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These videos are about autism/anxiety what about them.

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